Rabu, 5 Ogos 2015

Jalan2 Raya

Last Sunday, we went for Hari Raya gathering at my cousin's house, Idham at Meru, Klang. My parents and sister in law came from Melaka to my house at friday night and we went for 'raya' at Pakngah Jenal's house the next day. 

In Sunday, they decided to go to Nilai3 to buy some preparations for my sister in law's wedding that is going to be held in December 26, a day after Christmas. After that, we went to our first openhouse at Block A (hubby's friend). We were served laksa and lontong and it's delicious.

Then, we went to Meru, Klang for my cousin's openhouse. Tasya cook nasi beriani, laksa dan bbq for chicken, prawn and squid. Alhamdulillah the menu also delicious and superb. Their house compound is beautiful and colourful with flowers where tasya love to plant flowers.

From left : Me and my son, tasya, dilla and her daughter, and along

Mia, aqilah, faqihah & melissa

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